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Main Features

Main Features:

1). Dual Super HD Recording
Capture the road all around you in crisp full high definition (1920x1080P) simultaneously front and back. Record in Quad-HD 1440P 30FPS with rear camera disconnected.

2). High Performance
A high-end Novatek NTK96663 CPU, OV4689 sensor 6G lens (front) enables low power consumption, high definition video compression and smooth image processing – put together this superior low light compensation for both rear and front recording.

3). Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology compensates for light/dark spots and balances exposure. Having a powerful imaging processor and 6 layer glass lens ensures more details are captured. So you can be sure to record details such as license plates clearly.

4). Super Night Vision
Superior low light compensation for both rear and front recording – built-in high-end NTK96663 CPU and OV4689 image sensor with 6G lens front camera.

5). GPS Function
Accurately record your vehicles location, speed and route with the GPS module. The GPS logs and driving locations can be played back on Google Maps with our Windows and Mac compatible software.

Both the front and rear cameras boast a 150° wide angle lens. So this dash cam records a much wider field of vision. This covers 4 lanes of traffic in front and behind reducing blind spots to a greater extent.

7). Emergency Locking (G-sensor)
G-Sensor automatically protects video clips as an "Emergency File" when it detects a collision or vibration. It automatically detects shake or collision and locks footage that is being recorded in such moments to protect them from being overwritten.

The G- Sensor can capture unexpected driving accident, provide significant evidence and protect your safety.

8). Loop Recording
Seamless loop record enables it to overwrite the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. It supports TF card up to 256GB.

Note: TF Card is not included, Class 10 or above with write speed 20MB/s card will be needed. Please make sure to format the TF/Micro SD card on dash cam before initial use. We recommend always unplugging the USB charger before leaving your car to avoid car battery drainage.

9). Parking Monitor
With parking monitoring enabled, the device continues to monitor the vehicle even when the engine is switched off using its built-in battery. If any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, it will automatically turn on the dash cam and begin recording. Approximately 30 seconds after the vibration has finished, the device will automatically turn off and return to monitoring mode.

Packing Contents:

1 x Car Dash Cam
1 x Rear Camera
1 x Car Mount with built-in GPS
1 x Dual Car Charger
2 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x Mini USB cable (rear cam)
6 x Cable Clips
1 x User Guide
1 x Thank you card
1 x Cable tool


Power Cable Length

12 feet

Package size (L x W x H)





Mini Camera

Sensor Brand


Package weight


Optional Language


Hard disk




Package Contents

Dash Cam, Rear Camera, Car Mount with built-in GPS, Car Charger, USB charging cable, Mini USB cable,

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