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Main Features

Remote Control sports Car

Simulate a real sense of driving and enjoy the fun of handling.

Electronic fine-tuning at run time allows the car to travel in a straight line.

The response speed of the remote control is less than 11 milliseconds (indoor measurements, different environment results will vary)

With ultra-long standby function, running time of more than 100 minutes, remote control distance of 30 meters.

Without battery, please buy by yourself.

Turning on the power of the remote control defaults to normal mode.
Switch the acceleration mode: please turn off the power of the remote control first, push up the throttle stick to the maximum position, and turn on the power of the remote control while holding it still.
To return to normal mode, just turn off and on the remote control switch.

YEMANWAWA remote control racing

2 modes with very accurate remote control drift operation, slow / fast switching
2.4G smart remote control
Long battery life
Anti-collision hard shell material
Motor metal gear

Simulate real driving
Inside the remote control car is All digital hollow cup steering gear。Let the steering of the wheels adjust directly with the rocker,You can enjoy the fun of driving simulation.

Fast / Slow, 2 modes
This remote control car, a remote control sports car with a "millisecond" response speed, is equipped with a micro differential. Freely switch between slow / fast mode, you can exercise the child's coordination ability.

Thick car shell, metal motor gear.
The car shell uses a very thick ABS material + scratch-resistant UV layer, no odor, and it is very stable and safe when it hits the wall.

Long time operation,
It has a long battery life and can be used continuously for 100 minutes. Remote control distance of 30 meters.

2.4G remote control system will not be disturbed.
One remote control operates one car without interference.
Internal Brush magnet motor, operate the car at any time to start fun fun.

Thickened car shell, round and smooth
UV surface anti-friction
Adjustment button
Multi-person remote control does not conflict
Small and easy to carry


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