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Main Features

Main Features:
Suitable humidification is comfortable
Suitable environmental humidity can maintain health and comfort. The intelligent humidifier scientifically controls the humidification, intelligent and constant healthy humidity, just comfortable, and moisturizing like spring in all seasons.

Real-time dampness, smart and constant
The Ling sensitive humidifier monitors the humidity in real time and automatically adjusts the amount of fog to maintain the humidity within the set range. The default is constant 60% RH, and it can be connected to Mijia APP to adjust at 40% RH-70% RH.

Convenient and easy to add water from above
When you are busy, you can open the top cover and add water directly. You don't need to walk around the water tank. You are considerate of your thoughts about being lazy. You can continue to work or study if you save time.

Silver ion antibacterial rate 99.9%
The water tank uses silver ion antibacterial materials to inhibit the growth of bacteria for a long time, rest assured that the water is stored to refuse pollution, and protect the healthy and moist breathing of you and your family.

Press one button, turn one turn, link the function you want
Simple electronic control button, press to control the Wi-Fi function of the machine, rotate it to switch between 3 levels of fog and constant humidity mode, easy to use and not cumbersome.

300mL/h fine water mist
The high-frequency oscillation of the ceramic core sheet atomizes the water into fine particles. The amount of water mist is large and delicate, which infiltrates the skin and nourishes it at all times

High fog cycle humidification
The new turbo fan is designed with high and low pressure fog guide tube, which uses the air pressure difference to accelerate and push the water mist into the air. The high fog diffuses and circulates humidification to only moisten the indoor air and avoid wetting the table surface.

4L large capacity
The 4L capacity is equivalent to 8 bottles of 500mL bottled water. Adding water at a time can humidify for up to 26 hours. There is no need to add water repeatedly, and you can enjoy a steady stream of moisture from morning to night.

Quiet operation as low as 32dB
The new floating board structure launches water quietly and steadily. The first gear is only 32dB, just like a whisper. Turn it on when night comes, humidify silently without disturbing, have a good dream tonight.

Join the Mijia IoT family
Connect with Xiao Ai, join the Mijia IoT family, and realize one-sentence command of the humidifier. Call out your humidification instructions now, and when you say it does, smart life is so convenient.

When you're away, open the Mijia APP, and interact with it without restriction
Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can also control your home humidifier through the Mijia APP. Open before going home, open the door, moist air blows over your face, relax.

Model: MJJSQ04DY
Rated voltage/frequency: 220V-50HZ
Power: 25W
Water tank capacity: 4L
Humidification capacity: 300mL/h
Working noise: ≤38dB
Product net weight: 1.65kg
Product size: 190*190*324mm
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.1 1b/g/n 2.4GHz

Package Contents:
1 x Humidifier
1 x User Manual


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