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Main Features

Main Features:
– Double ecological management
Suitable for Apple HomeKit and Mijia, more unlocking methods and rich intelligent linkage

– Multiple unlocking methods, portable and convenient
Support fingerprint recognition, long-term password, temporary password, NFC unlock, Bluetooth unlock, key unlock, etc.

– Technology protects the house in all directions
Built-in 4 bolt smart sensors to accurately monitor the state of the lock body, and promptly alarm for abnormal induction
Built-in clutch, rear main control, effective anti-riot demolition and electromagnetic interference

– Safety reminder function
Anti-peephole unlocking, low battery reminder, doorbell reminder, door hidden reminder, door unlocked reminder, multiple trials and errors warning, lock picking protection warning, duress fingerprint warning

– Strong power life
Power by 8 x AA batteries (included) with Type-C port, universally compatible with mobile phone charging ports

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery type: 8 x AA batteries (not included)

Package Contents: 1 x Front Panel, 1 x Rear Panel, 1 x Lock Body, 1 x Mechanical Lock Cylinder, 2 x Key, 1 x Pack of Screws, 1 x Buckle, 1 x Pack of Accessories, 8 x Battery, 1 x Manual and Opening Chart, 1 x Manual


Model Number

Xiaomi 1S

Keys Included




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