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Nanoscale Rain Repellent Coating – Prevents against condensation, consequently removes obstacle caused by rain, glare and diffuse reflection – Anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist, waterproof and rainproof
Safe Driving: Anti-rain and waterproof, the side window and rearview mirror protective film will provide you with clear vision even in rainy days.The car innner rearview mirror protective film can prevent strong light reflection, reduce dazzle light, relax visual tiredness, see more clearly and not impact by strong light at night.
Anti-fog rearview mirror protective film just takes a few minutes to install it to your rearview mirror directly. Please clean the rearview mirror before installing the film.
Shield and protect your rearview side mirrors from unwanted scratches, smears, dust and dirt, so as to keep your rearview mirror clear all the time.


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