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Main Features

Dear UWELL Fam,

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce the latest UWELL product to you, Crown V Tank.

Main Features

Multiple Mesh Coils for Multiple Vape Experience

The mesh coils can fully and evenly atomize e-liquid and offer you excellent flavor and vapor. (1) 0.23Q single mesh coil, it has the smoothest airflow to give you smoothest direct-to-lung vape. The fragrance and sweetness of the e-liquid burst out with rich flavor; (pre -installed) (2) 0.3Q dual mesh coil, it has the least airflow compared to the other two coils, suitable for a restricted direct-to-lung vape. The vapor is warmer and the flavor is saturated; (included in thepackaging)

(3) 0.22 triple mesh coil, slightly tight airflow gives you slightly tight direct-to-lung vape. It offers a fairly strong throat hit. You can always get huge vapor and decent flavor with it. (Sold separately)

Patented Self-Cleaning Technology

Crown V atomizers can absorb the e-juice in the condensation holder through regular

usage and vaporize it. It reduces juice leakage and waste and lessens the cleaning frequency.

Optimized Top Cap

Refill e-juice with no effort by easily unscrew the top cap 90".

UWELL Exclusive Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology

Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology provides vapers the ultimate vaping experience by properly controlling the heating temperature, strictly managing the material quality, and completely restoring the original flavor.


Tank Size: Diameter 29 mm x Height 50.5 mm

Tank Capacity: 5 ml

Coil Specifications:

FeCrAI UN2 0.232 Single Meshed Coil, suggested wattage is 65-70 W FeCrAI UN2-2 0.3Q Dual Meshed Coil, suggested wattage is 50-55 W FeCrAI UN2-3 0.22 Triple Meshed Coil, suggested wattage is 65-70 W

In addition, the Crown V Kit will be coming soon.

The Legend Lives on UWELL





Stainless Steel,Pyrex Glass

Package Contents

1×UWELLCROWN V Tank, 1×Extra glass, 1×0.23Ω Un2 Meshed Coil (pre-installed), 1×0.3Ω UN2-2 Meshed Coil, 1×Pack of replacement O-rings, 1×User’s manual 1×Drip tip cover

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