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This product is UBS insulation products, the modeling is prudent generous, gentle, standard USB1.1 interface computer connector can also be connected to 4.5V transformer, turn the product connected to the power switch, indicator lights can be used, the product temperature is maintained at 45 degrees around, simple to use, easy to carry everyday life is a good helper. Who gave the most suitable for your use in the office.
Products uses USB power supply and the role of the insulation pad heating
Since the pad can keep hot air, it plays the role of keeping warm
This product only from the insulation, can not be used to heat icy cold liquid, temperature is Normal when you feel a little hot

Switch: Switch "1" for the power supply status
Keep the coffee / milk / cup temperature: 40-50 degrees
Power: 2.5W, 5V DC
Material: plastic, aluminum alloy
Power: USB powered
Size: approx 10.5x 9cm
Center circle diameter:7.5cm
Color: silver

Package includes:
1x cup pad


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