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[PODIATRIST TOENAIL CLIPPERS] Toe nail clippers are specially designed for toes and thick nails, allowing your feet to be healthy and whitening and nail fungus. These 2 professional tools include, toenail trimmer, circular toenail file (including toenail lifter), suitable for anyone, arthritis, athletes.
[Professional decoration for INGROWN NAIL] ingrown Toenail scissors safely trim the inner nail and solve the pain of nail penetration. The 25-degree arc of the edge of the blade is suitable for the arc of the nail, which can accurately trim the nail or sharp piece into the eyebrow nail without hurting. The 18mm edge-in toenail tool can penetrate deep into the parrot and easily cut the eyebrows and thick toenails.
[Can be surrounded by thick navy] WANMAT sharp toenail trimmer always keeps your thick nails. Medical surgery and excellent stainless steel blades, the surface is sharp and durable, and can trim any tough nails without rust, discoloration, or corrosion. You can easily cut any very thick toes or nails with a 0.4-inch natural opening (maximum 1.5 inches).
[Update hand-held nails] injectable nail scissors makes it easier to cut thick fur nails for the left or right hand. The handle of the pedicure bag is made of ABS material, which is non-slip and softer. The updated handle makes the ingrown toenail bracket lighter and easier to operate. For the other, double springs for nail tools, easy to save money and longer life.





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