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This stretchy 2-seater sofa cover is designed to protect your sofa from stains, spills, pet hair and all other types of damage. In addition to protecting your furniture, this sofa cover will also flatter any theme you choose for your living room.
Made of stretchy jersey cotton, our sofa cover can easily be stretched over the furniture. It is suitable for almost all types of armchairs measuring 120-190 cm wide by 80-130 cm high.
The sofa cover is easy to adjust; simply pull the cover over the sofa and fold it into the cushions for a snug look and feel. It can also be easily removed for cleaning and is suitable for both hand and machine washing.

Color: Bordeaux
Materials: Knitted polyester fabric
Fits most chairs measuring 120-190 cm wide by 80-130 cm high
Easy to clean and adjust
Machine washable
Material: Polyester: 96%, Elastane: 4%.


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