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1. It has a long wine like taste
The smoke accumulated layer by layer in the 57mm channel, and brewed through three bends. It is also like wine sobering, with a long lasting flavor, clear taste, more soft and long.
2. Using the latest technology, the fourth generation atomization technology
The latest fourth generation ceramic atomizing core feelm 2 technology is developed on the basis of combining the characteristics of different products in the industry, which greatly increases the atomization effect of products and refuses the embarrassment of dry burning.
3. With more pure taste
The unique and innovative wall chamber design makes the condensate more closed and has a very high friction bulkhead, so that the condensate can be safely locked in a fixed position without flowing. More safe and effective“ "Ergonomics" design aesthetics, exquisite appearance, exquisite feel.
4. Product appearance design integrates the natural law of "round sky and round place". Round and full, soft and smooth curved surface – diamond like waistline, composite metal product material design, soft and soft image design, without a trace of unnecessary embellishment, carefully developed only to serve you better. Products from scratch, after hardware, forging, dozens of processes of blessing, anodizing process perfect grinding, one-time in place, more in line with high-grade people.
5. Monitor nicotine intake closely
With the function of automatic reminder of the number of times of suction, when the number of times of suction reaches 15 within 15 minutes, the product will automatically vibrate to remind you of the danger of inhaling too much nicotine.
6. Simplified operation
The front and back sides of the product are treated equally, so it is easy to install and operate at will without blocking the button. For a faster charging experience, the latest version of tye-c charging interface will complete charging within 30 minutes
Detailed parameters:
Product specification: 18mm * 112mm
Package accessories: two cigarette bombs (mung bean flavor and menthol flavor), one cigarette pole, instruction manual, tye-c charging cable
Smoke oil content: 2ml (+ – 5%) * 2
Main ingredients: Glycerin, propylene glycol, perfume, nicotine
Battery capacity: 380mah
Quality guarantee of cigarette cartridge: 12 months
Charging current: 700mA


E-Liquid Concentration


Power Supply

Built-in rechargeable battery



Charge way

USB,AC charger with USB


Temperature Control Mod,Mechanical Mod,Hybrid Mod

E-liquid Flavor Type

Mint series

Accessories Type

Other,Cartridge,Case/Bags,Battery Charger,Atomizer Heater Core,E-liquid Oil Filler Bottle,Adapter Ring,Drip Tip,MOD Cartridge,E-Cigarette Lighter,Wicks/Wires,MOD,Control Head,Tanks,Stands,Chimney,Adapter,Spare Parts Kit,Battery Storage Box,Heater Core and Coils

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