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SMARTMI CJJSQ01ZM APP Control Intelligent Ultrasonic Sterilizing Humidifier
– With UVGI ultraviolet sterilization function, it can strongly sterilize.
– With intelligent humidification control, can give you a comfortable environment.
– Made of ABS material with a broad spectrum of antibacterial ingredients, more durable.
– The humidifier can be controlled at home or remotely through Mijia APP.
– Upper water filling design makes it easy to fill water and clean.
– Large capacity water tank can meet the demand of humidifying water.
– When there is a shortage of water, it will automatically stand by to avoid dry burning.
– With atomizing sheet and fan design, humidification is more effective and convenient.

Model: CJJSQ01ZM
Tank capacity: 3.5l
Noise: 40.4dB
Rated voltage: 34V
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Rated power: 38W
Humidification amount: 355ml/h

The mobile phone and the water bottle are not included.

– Q: Does the humidifier have requirements for the quality of the water to be added?
A: Adopts capacitive atomization chip module, using tap water, mineral water, purified water can be out of fog. It is not recommended to use distilled water, because distilled water has a low conductivity, which may lead to no fog.
– Q: After the humidifier is used, how to drain the remaining water in the tank?
A: If you want to drain the remaining water in the tank, you can press the tank valve at the bottom of the tank. Tilting water is not recommended because that can cause water to flow out of the gap between the shell and the tank.
– Q: How often should you clean the humidifier? How to remove scale?
A: It is recommended to clean the humidifier once a week. To scale, suggest dip in with soft wool brush go up edible white vinegar comes scrub, after restoring primary color, reoccupy clear water is cleaned.
– Q: Why is there white powdery precipitate inside cistern after using for long?
A: Because most of the water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions, these minerals will be released with the fog during the ultrasonic atomization process, and white powder and other albino phenomena will be generated after long-term use.
Package weight: 3.709 kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 20.70 x 20.70 x 33.60 cm / 8.15 x 8.15 x 13.23 inches
Package Size(L x W x H): 23.70 x 23.70 x 36.60 cm / 9.33 x 9.33 x 14.41 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Humidifier, 1 x Power Adapter




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