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Item Details:
Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V 7.7A 150W
Connector Size: 4.5mm x 3.0mm
Color: Black
Power Plug: US/EU/UK/AU Power Cord (for choose one)
Status: Brand New, 100% Compatible
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

Compatible with Part Number:
HP 709984-004
HP 732811-001
HP 732811-002
HP 732811-003
HP 775626-001
HP 917649-850
HP 937532-850

Compatible with Laptop Models:
HP 15-dh0000nsHP 15-dh0030tx
HP 15-dh0000urHP 15-dh0031tx
HP 15-dh0001ncHP 15-dh0032tx
HP 15-dh0001neHP 15-dh0036tx
HP 15-dh0001ngHP 15-dh0012ni
HP 15-dh0001noHP 15-dh0060nb
HP 15-dh0001nsHP 15-dh0084nb
HP 15-dh0001urHP 15-dh0103tx
HP 15-dh0002ncHP 15-dh0104tx
HP 15-dh0002ngHP 15-dh0012nm
HP 15-dh0002urHP 15-dh0105tx
HP 15-dh0003ncHP 15-dh0108tx
HP 15-dh0003ngHP 15-dh0012ns
HP 15-dh0003nsHP 15-dh0109tx
HP 15-dh0003urHP 15-dh0110tx
HP 15-dh0004ncHP 15-dh0111tx
HP 15-dh0004urHP 15-dh0120tx
HP 15-dh0005ncHP 15-dh0121tx
HP 15-dh0005ngHP 15-dh0013ni
HP 15-dh0005nsHP 15-dh0122tx
HP 15-dh0006ncHP 15-dh0123tx
HP 15-dh0006ngHP 15-dh0013ns
HP 15-dh0006nsHP 15-dh0124tx
HP 15-dh0006ntHP 15-dh0127tx
HP 15-dh0006txHP 15-dh0129tx
HP 15-dh0007nsHP 15-dh0134tx
HP 15-dh0007txHP 15-dh0135tx
HP 15-dh0008ngHP 15-dh0014ni
HP 15-dh0008nsHP 15-dh0136tx
HP 15-dh0008txHP 15-dh0137tx
HP 15-dh0008urHP 15-dh0138tx
HP 15-dh0009ngHP 15-dh0014ns
HP 15-dh0009nsHP 15-dh0139tx
HP 15-dh0009txHP 15-dh0600nd
HP 15-dh0010ngHP 15-dh0015ns
HP 15-dh0010niHP 15-dh0650nd
HP 15-dh0010nsHP 15-dh0798nb
HP 15-dh0010urHP 15-dh0798nd
HP 15-dh0011ns
HP 15-dh0011urHP 15-dh0011ni
HP 15-dh0012ngHP 15-dh0020tx
HP 15-dh0020ngHP 15-dh0021tx
HP 15-dh0301ngHP 15-dh0022tx
HP 15-dh0306ngHP 15-dh0028tx
HP Docking Station P5Q54AA
HP Docking Station P5Q54AA#ABA
HP Docking Station P5Q54AA#ABB
HP Docking Station P5Q58AA
HP Docking Station P5Q58AA#ABA
HP Docking Station P5Q58AA#ABB
HP EliteBook 1050 G1
HP EliteBook 1050 G1 4NC54UT
HP EliteBook 1050 G1 4NC55UT
HP EliteBook 1050 G1 4NL54UT
HP EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY19EA
HP EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY20EA
HP EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY21EA
HP Liteon HSTNN-LA25
HP Liteon PA-1121-62HA
HP Liteon PA-1121-62HE
HP OMEN 15-dc0000
HP OMEN 17-an100
HP Pavilion 17-ab400
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000
HP Pavilion Power 15-cb000
HP Spectre 15-ch000 x360
HP Spectre 15-ch000na 2PH79EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch000nb 3DL43EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch000nd 2PM62EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch000nf 3QR19EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch000no 2PM64EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch000ur 2PM65EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch001nc 3QR95EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch001nf 3XZ36EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch001ng 3DM20EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch001no 2PM67EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch001ur 3DL03EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch002nc 3QR97EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch002nf 3QR21EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch002ng 3DM21EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch002no 3DL17EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch002tx 3WR92PA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch002ur 3DL79EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch003nf 3QR22EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch003ng 3DM22EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch003no 3DL18EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch003tx 3WP33PA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch003ur 3DL80EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch004na 3DL06EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch004nc 3QQ73EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch004nf 3RQ68EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch004ng 3DM23EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch004no 3FZ76EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch005na 3DL07EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch005nf 3RQ69EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch005no 3XY74EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch006na 3GB05EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch006nf 3RQ70EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch006no 3XZ19EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch006tx 3WP16PA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch007na 3XX72EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch007nf 3XZ31EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch008ca 3PQ42UA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch008na 3XX85EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch008tx 3WP19PA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch010ca 3PQ43UA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch010nd 2PM68EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch010tx 3WV05PA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch011dx 2LV24UA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch011nr 3MU06UA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch013tx 4BV24PA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch015nd 3DL08EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch020nd 3QQ61EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch025nd 3QQ62EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch031ng 3DM25EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch032ng 3DM26EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch054na 3DL13EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch055na 3DL15EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch060nz 2PM69EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch070nz 2PM70EA x360
HP Spectre 15-ch075nr 2LV25UA x360
HP Spectre 15-df0000 x360
HP ZBook 15 G5
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RA10UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RA97UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RA98UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RB01UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RB08UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RB11UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RB13UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4RG72UT
HP ZBook 15 G5 4SA77UT
HP ZBook 15u G3 Mobile Workstations
HP ZBook 15v G5
HP ZBook 15v G5 2ZC55EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 2ZC55ET
HP ZBook 15v G5 2ZC56EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 2ZC56ET
HP ZBook 15v G5 2ZC57EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 2ZC57ET
HP ZBook 15v G5 3JL50AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 3JL51AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 3JL52AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 3JL53AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 3JL54AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 3JL55AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 3PQ64AV
HP ZBook 15v G5 4KT80PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4KT82PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4KU16PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4LC16PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4LC17PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4LC18PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4LC20PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NH65UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NH67UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NH69UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NH70UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NH71UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NH72UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NL15UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NL17UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4NL20UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4QH19EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4QH20EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4QH21EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4QH22EA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4SQ71PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4SQ83PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4SQ97PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4SR00PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4TA08PA
HP ZBook 15v G5 4TB35UT
HP ZBook 15v G5 4VN72EC
HP ZBook 15v G5 4VN73EC
HP ZBook 15v G5 4VW12US
HP ZBook 15v G5 4VW22US
HP ZBook 15v G5 4VW24US
HP ZBook 15v G5 4WN95US
HP ZBook 15v G5 4WP03US
HP ZBook 15v G5 4YJ39US
HP ZBook Studio G5
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NH75UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NH77UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NH78UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NL25UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NL26UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NL28UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NL40UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NL44UT
HP ZBook Studio G5 4NM08UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4NL00UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4NL02UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4NL13UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4NL36UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4NL41UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4NL44UT
HP ZBook Studio x360 G5 4PE28UT
And Many Other Laptop Models


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