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Main Features

Main Features:
* White Z1: Brushed motor version, 7000PA suction
* Black Z1 Pro: Brushless Motor Edition 15500PA suction
* Uses TOYO / FUJI carbon brushes and SCHUNK carbon brushes.
* Built-in 3 high-efficiency lithium batteries, fficient power, Vacuuming anytime.
* Innovative air guide system, professional air guide, professional heat dissipation.
* Double-layer filtration system, professional filtration to prevent secondary pollution.
* Professional nozzle design, do not miss every corner
* Recessed LED lighting, Suck clean
* Easy disassembly, components can be cleaned

1. Green light flash : start charge
Green light always on: full charge
2. Red light start flash: insufficient charge, please charge in time
3. Equipment can not work when charging, please unplug the power cord and start work

Brand: Shunzao
Color: White
Package size: 10.3*10.6*38.6cm/4.05*4.17*15.19in
Package weight: 1200g/42.32oz
Capacity: 100mL
Input power: 120W/40W(Black) 90W(White)

Package list:
1 x Shunzao Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Telescopic Two-in-one Nozzle
1 x Brush Head Nozzle
1 x Charging Cable (1m)
1 x Manual


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