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1. The taste is pure without any miscellaneous flavor
The latest electronic smoke wall bin makes the condensate in a fixed position with high friction, effectively prevents the flow of condensate, and is fixed in a safe area. The product supports detachable inspection effect.
2. Timely feedback of product data
Timely detection of 7 data indicators, timely feedback to customers through "relx me" app software, real-time control of their own suction status
3. Wavy design and material
The surface of the product has a strong sense of damping, which can effectively prevent the product from slipping unintentionally and obtain a better customer experience.
4. Ergonomics external modeling design
Beautiful appearance and comfortable feeling. After continuously studying the customers' feelings of e-cigarette users, we have designed a design that fits the grip and lip shape more closely, so as to achieve "good-looking" and "easy-to-use" products
Better handle of antiskid design invisible anti blocking suction hole
– the right fit — round curved surface cigarette holder design
Detailed parameters:
Product specification: 18mm * 112mm
Package accessories: two cigarette bombs (mung bean flavor and menthol flavor), one cigarette pole, instruction manual, tye-c charging cable
Smoke oil content: 2ml (+ – 5%) * 2
Main ingredients: Glycerin, propylene glycol, perfume, nicotine
Battery capacity: 380mah
Quality guarantee of cigarette cartridge: 12 months
Charging current: 700mA



Electronic Cigarettes Accessories

E-Liquid Concentration



Cute,Solid Color,Crystal Surface

Power Supply

Built-in rechargeable battery



Charge way

AC charger with USB,USB

E-Liquid Flavor

Dunhill,Virginia,Mint,Herbal,Apple,Peach,Cherry,Strawberry,Vanilla,Cigar,Menthol,Green Tea

Accessories Type

Other,Cartridge,Case/Bags,Battery Charger,Atomizer Heater Core,E-liquid Oil Filler Bottle,Adapter Ring,Drip Tip,Cotton Wires,MOD Cartridge,E-Cigarette Lighter,MOD,Coils,Wicks/Wires,Control Head,Tanks,Coil Winders,Ohmmeters,Chimney,Adapter,E-juice,Spare Parts Kit,DIY Tool Kit

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