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Environmental compass outdoor equipment compass multifunctional small mountaineering and rock climbing portable compass
This product is light and exquisite, detachable, is a good helper for teaching.
Arrow represents N pole (North Pole): it is the annotation method of most compass.
1. Use it horizontally to ensure accuracy as much as possible;
2. In order to avoid the disorder of the magnetic needle, please keep a certain distance from the wire mesh and magnetic objects when using it;
3. Do not use the ruler to knock the object, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;
4. The disk and lens shall be kept clean and clean, and shall not be wiped with dirty cloth or hands;
5. When not in use, it should be closed and placed away from ferromagnetic materials to avoid loss of magnetism.
How to use Compass:
Make sure the compass is level so that it can rotate freely. On the dial, w stands for West, n for North, e for East, and s for South. When using the compass, do not get close to ferromagnetic objects, high voltage wires and electromagnetic devices, so as to avoid errors and reduce the sensitivity of the compass.
Compass is a simple instrument used to judge the direction. The predecessor of compass is Sinan, one of the four great inventions in ancient China. The main component is a magnetic needle which can rotate freely on a shaft. Under the action of geomagnetic field, the magnetic needle can keep in the tangent direction of magnetic meridian. The north pole of the magnetic needle points to the geographic north pole, which can be used to distinguish the direction. It is often used in navigation, geodesy, travel and military.
It is widely used. Even people with a good sense of direction can't find the north in strange places. If you lose your way in the wilderness, you will be in trouble. You may suffer from starvation and fear. If you are heavy, it is hard to say. It's better to rely on yourself than others. The compass is easy to carry. With maps, you can know your position at any time. It can be used not only in radio fox hunting, exploration, camping and other sports, but also in geology, mining, forestry, survey, irrigation, construction, tourism and other fields. It is a directional and rough survey tool. In the urban area, there is also a time to distinguish the direction, the treasure of the players, the travel partners, and the collection of fine products.


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