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Main Features

Technical index
Resolution: 1280×720 Video signal: H.264
Frame rate: 20-30fps Sensor: CMOS
Image pixels: 720p Viewing angle: 175°
Minimum illumination: F0.1 Power supply: DC12V~DC24V
Maximum power: 2W working current: 50-80mH
Support equipment: iOS / Android night vision distance: 8-10 meters
Waterproof rating: IP67 Transmission distance: 10-20M
Working temperature: -20℃~+85℃ Storage temperature: -0℃~+125℃
Lens size: 24x24x33mm Fixing method: fixed position of car lights

how to use
1. First, install the MRT-Camera application on your mobile device (the QR code in the manual supports Android and Apple).
2. Open the application and touch the wireless connection icon.
3. Search in the list of available devices, and then touch to pair.

How to connect
1. First, please turn off the onboard power supply. It is strictly forbidden to supply power to the camera without a good connection.
2. Determine the installation location of the car camera. (There are two installation methods)
(1) The first installation method is to select the location of the camera, and then place the power cord flat on the car. Adjust the viewing angle, connect the two power connectors, insert the cigarette lighter, and press the switch.

(2) The second installation method is to cut off the red and black wires at the switch position of the cigarette lighter. The red power cord is connected to the 12V + positive position of the ACC power supply in the car fuse box. The black power cord is connected to the negative GND harness of the vehicle, which can be used when starting the vehicle.

3. Connect the power cord to the correct position, adjust the best viewing angle, and then fix the bracket with 3M adhesive.


Material Type


Lens Material

Plastic + Glass

Alarm Type


Shell Material


Guiding Line


Wire or Wireless


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