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Different material saw blades for different uses:
SS Saw Blade :
Cut depth:SS saw blade 40mm
Product use:SS saw blades for all wood,plasterboard and plastic materials.H igh cutting quality and speed,also can use for soft metal Scaping for removing old paint,adhesive residue,carpets,underaeals and silicone or acrylic joints

Carbide Saw Blade/Rasp:
Carbide saw blade for cutting out samages tile joints.Also for cutting slots in plaster,porous concrete and similar building materials and for cleaning and reworking deck joints.Not suited to very hard epoxy resin or cement joints,The cost-effective altemative to diamond tools.Carbide rasp for rough sanding fillers,title adhesive,concrete,stone and wood

HCS Saw Blade:
Cutting depth:40-50mm
Use: Standard teeth for all wood,plasterboard and plastic materials,high quality and speed.Also can use for soft metal

Bi-Metal Oscillating Saw Blade:
Cutting depth:40-50mm
Product use:Bi-metalwith fine HSS teeth for sheet metal up to 2mm,alminium profiles,copper pipes,Also for fibreglass-reinforced plastic and other hard plastics.Extremely precisecuts which are very easy to control with particularly thin cutting profile

Precision Japan Tooth Oscillating Saw Blade:
Product use:Japan teeth for all wooden material,plasterboard and soft plastics.The fastest cutting speed and maximum precision

Diamond saw blade/Rasp
Use:For cutting out marble,epoxy resin and trass joints.Excellent service life.Also suited to very hard epoxy resin or cement joint.The right choice for frequent use and challenging jobs

HSS saw blade
Use:HSS metal teeth for sheet metal.Also for plastics,fiber glass reinforced plastic,wood,putty alloy and copper/copper alloys.Cuts flush to the surface


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