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Main Features

Color: black

Material: plastic, acrylic

1. More effective: The new air pump wine opener is a simple, easy and fast tool to open up a bottle of wine without the hassle of pulling and twisting. You just slid the needle in, pump a few times and the cork is out. It also help to eliminate cork damage.
2. Suitable for: Can be used for all types and sizes of wine bottles. There are no fumes, and gas needed for the air pressure pump to work properly.
3. Occasions: Great for bar, cafe, restaurant, wine lovers or home use.
4. Easy to carry: With the right size to fit in your bag. Lightweight design makes it easily portable.
5. High quality material: Made of high quality plastic and acrylic material which provide corrosion resistance.
6. Rust proof: The drill head is finished with rust-proof technology, more durable.
7. Protective cover: A transparent cover makes you see the entire process clearly.
8. How to use:
1) Insert the needle into the middle of the bottle.
2) Press the bottle opener and pump the air into the bottle.
3) Push the plastic sliding sleeve to remove the cork away from the bottle needle.
1. Please keep the item away Children because the needle is very sharp and may cause injury.
2. This bottle opener can not be used to open sparkling wine or plastic cork.
3. If the bottle is defective, the pumping time must not exceed 12 pumps per bottle.


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