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Main Features

Main Features:

>> 500 high-frequency vibrations per minute to wipe the floor

>> 4000PA strong suction, Use Nidec BLDC advanced motor.

>> Bilateral brush design, It is easier to gather dust.

>> The new LDS laser high flight system, Scan the room, build the room ground, Intelligently plan the best path.

>> APP intelligent control, WIFI remote control.

>> Automatically identify steps, 3000+ escape solutions, automatically identify obstacles.

>> Long working hours for 180 minutes, 5200mAh large capacity battery.

>> Three-layer dust filter, Nylon mesh + sponge + HEPA filter.

Midea M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

High-frequency vibration mopping the floor, powerfully clean dirt.

4000PA large suction power, with high-frequency vibration mop, comprehensive cleaning.
Laser scanning navigation, intelligently plan the best path.
30 sensors, intelligently perceive the environment.
Large 5200mAh battery.
Efficiently clean all kinds of dirt.

You will have a smooth floor.
500 high-frequency vibrations per minute to wipe the floor

Two custom mops,
Move the floor by a large margin left and right. Compared with other robot mops that only slightly wipe the floor, the M7pro has a more efficient cleaning ability. tookfun.
It can clean all kinds of dirt, ketchup, coffee, juice, soy sauce.
4000PA Strong Suction

Use Nidec BLDC advanced motor, optimize the air duct design, the air volume is more powerful.
The double-sided brush design collects dust.

The floating V-shaped main brush can clean the floor fan for deep cleaning.
Multiple operation modes

1. Vibration wiping mode
2. Sweeping and mopping at the same time
3. Floor sweeping mode
4. Four suction mode adjustments.

65dB low noise operation

Add three noise reduction designs, the sound is comfortable and not annoying.

APP intelligent control, WIFI remote control.

Automatically save the map, you can customize the cleaning mode, automatic partition, manual partition, area name.
Designate the cleaning area, start regularly, and deep clean (repeat the room 3 times).
Automatically return to the charging base

When the charging is completed, it will automatically return to complete the cleaning task.

Delivery & Warranty Service

Fast and Convenient Logistics from Overseas Warehouse, we have warehouses in Russia Spain France Poland, Enjoy the fastest and most convenient local logistics service, Customers donnot need to pay any taxes from them.
We provide 2-year warranty service. Some countries enjoy 15 days no reason return. If your machine has a problem, first provide a video to my technical team. We will give a solution based on the actual situation .we will return robot to the repair shop or replace the related accessories.


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MIDEA have 28 worldwide innovation centers and the strong commitment to research and development have resulted in more than 50,000 authorized patents to date.




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