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Main Features

This Brand is EraClean. Once you order the product, it means you fully understand and have no problem with it.

– Refrigerator deodorizes, prolongs preservation, and degrades pesticide residues
Professional disinfection and deodorate
Refrigerator deodorization
Purification and sterilization
Degradation of pesticide residues
Food preservation
Portable and compact
USB charging

– Anti-freeze and moisture-proof design, can be used as low as minus 30 degrees

– Small and compact, it does not take up much space and can be hung for use ( equipped with buckle)

– Multi-scene use: clean room smell, deodorize wardrobe and shoe cabinet, car deodorize, disinfect toys, etc

– Built-in 800mAh battery, USB charging
– 2 kinds of key mode:
Double click: Deep deodorization disinfection mode
Long press for 2 seconds: Freshness, deodorization and disinfection mode
– Battery life (Fully charging for about 2 hours)
About 72 hours for deep deodorization disinfection mode
About 30 days for freshness, deodorization and disinfection mode

Product name: Eraclean refrigerator deodorizing sterilizer
Product model: C-Bo1
Rated voltage 5VDC
Charging time: 2h
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Net weight: about 70g
Button mode:
First gear: double-click deep deodorization disinfection mode
Second gear: long press for 2 seconds to keep fresh and deodorize disinfection mode
Battery Life time:
Battery life in deep deodorization mode: about 48h
Life time of preservation and deodorization mode: about 30 days

1. Button setting: button to turn on.
2. Charging status indicator: The status shows a green breathing light, and the fully charged light goes out.
3. Severe deodorization working mode: double-click the switch button to start the release for 30 minutes, and stop for 30 minutes to cycle until the power indicator goes out. The red light is always on when it is on. (800mah can work for 30 hours)
4. Cyclic deodorizing and fresh-keeping working mode: long press the switch button for 2 seconds to start and release for 5 minutes, the working status is displayed as red light breathing, the indicator does not light up after 90 minutes, the chip sleeps, and it cycles until there is no electricity. (800mah can work for 30 days)
5. Battery level reminder: In any case, click the reminder battery level. When the battery power is lower than 20%, it will record the flashing reminder (the time is 2 seconds to return to the original working state),
6. Electricity detection: if it is higher than 20%, the green light is always on (the time is 2 seconds to return to the original working state). In any working state, the green light is on for 2 seconds and the working state is awakened.
7. Shutdown mode: long press the power button for two seconds to shut down the red light flashing.

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Refrigerator Deodorizing Sterilizer

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