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This decorative garden screen from Nature brand will add a little privacy to your outdoor space without compromising a natural ambience.
The reed fence panel has 100% opacity and produces no dust. The presence of double braids over the entire height, regularly spaced 17 cm apart over a width of 3 meters, adds a decorative touch. The sedge screen can be easily cut in height as needed.
The new sedge material impresses with its natural aesthetics as well as functionality. The sedge appears to have a special triangular shape so that the rods fit together perfectly, resulting in a compact and sturdy structure that offers a high degree of sifting. The sun visor is bonded with PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) threads.

Color: natural
Material: Carex
Dimensions: 300 x 100 cm (W x H)
Opacity: 100%
With decorative braids
Pattern repeat: 17 cm
Easy to cut in height


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