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Main Features

Enjoy a good night's sleep on our extra soft topper! This topper, approximately 6 cm thick, is extra soft and comfortable.
1. Cold foam technology
Made of PU foam, this mattress topper is particularly breathable, thus creating a balanced sleeping environment while protecting the mattress. PU foam, also called cold foam, has an open cell structure. It is therefore good for ventilation and humidity regulation, which helps to regulate the temperature of the bed optimally, so that there is no huge heat loss or overheating.

2. Pressure relief
The mattress topper can reduce the pressure point load on the body, allowing your stressed bones and joints, especially the spine and neck area, to recover sufficiently overnight. The mattress can precisely adapt to the contour of your body for a harmonious sleeping experience.

3. Comfort in all areas of the body
Different from conventional mattresses with limited comfort zones, the mattress topper offers a complete sleeping surface from corner to edge. So you don't need to change sleeping position frequently and unconsciously during the night. In addition, there will be no more noise when you move on the mattress.

4. Easy to clean
Lots of sweat and other contaminants build up over time on the mattress, but thanks to the convenient all-around zipper, the washable cover can be easily removed, making the mattress topper easy to keep clean. We recommend that you ventilate the mattress topper regularly to extend its life.

White colour
Material: D25 PU foam
Cover material: 100% polyester
Total dimensions: 80 x 200 x 6 cm (L x W x D)
Foam thickness: 4 cm
Thickness of the top layer of the foam: 1 cm
Thickness of the bottom layer of the foam: 1 cm
Washable cover
Zipper all around


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