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Material : Plastic / Plastic
Progressive Way : Slide
Appearance Style : Submarine
Features : Slide Portable Storage Box
Specification : 10 × 54 × 18.5cm
Packing : Window Box
Ability Training : Emotion Intellectual Development Automatic Brain Grab Other Capabilities Interactive Toys Parent-child Communication
Is There An Anime Image? : No
Is There A Shopping Guide Video : Yes
Is It For Foreign Trade? : No
3C Configuration Category : Metal Toys Under 14 Years Old
Product 3C Authentication Code : 2020182202014993
Suitable Age : Children (4-6 Years)

1. Can shine, sing, and tell stories

2. Built-in track design, the car can slide out from the head or tail through the internal track of the submarine

3. The hull can accommodate cars

4. With metal car

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1. Can shine, sing, and tell stories

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