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Main Features

1. Indoor clothes do not occupy the ground, so that the room is both functional and neat and beautiful, the longest 4.2M, free to stretch, with the use of pull.
2. ABS outer box body, aluminum alloy gasket.
3. Both indoor and outdoor are available, the interior is more sturdy, rust-proof and waterproof.
4.304 stainless steel wire, 7*7 strands of strong and cohesive.
5. Load 20KG, easy to dry
6. Constant speed retraction design, built-in recovery gear, steel wire rope to retract at a constant speed, to avoid hand injury caused by hand injury when stretching the wire rope.
7. Double protection, no worry when drying, after the U-shaped buckle is buckled, the rotary switch is locked, firm and stable to dry and worry-free.

Please pay attention to the installation of punch-free, please watch the video before installation, the wall should be flat and sturdy glass tile, etc. It can not be used on the wall surface of uneven wall such as stucco wall, wallpaper, lime wall and so on. After the glue is applied to the wall, wait for 3-5 days, and the nail-free glue is completely dry and then used!



1-9 m

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