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Main Features

Through a multi-functional mobile phone adapter clip, connected to the mobile phone, the shooting angle of the mobile phone can be expanded by 60% without any damage to the shooting image quality of the mobile phone.
The lens adopts high-quality optical glass + multi-layer optical coating, which effectively solves the defects of clear middle and blurry edges when taking pictures with external mobile phone lenses.
The 49mm UV port ensures sufficient light transmittance, which not only ensures the brightness of the picture, but also effectively guarantees the clarity of the picture quality.
It not only has professional-grade powerful effects, but also has much more convenient portability than camera replacement lenses.
The equipped 37mm mobile phone adapter clip is directly clamped to the camera of the mobile phone after the lens is installed, so that your mobile phone becomes a SLR in 1 second.

Interface: 37mm
Front port diameter: 49mm
Optical structure: 2 groups 2 elements
Lens size: 25mm*50mm
Lens material: aluminum alloy + optical glass

Package List:
1set x phone lens gardgets




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Wide-Angle Len

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