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Main Features

[product model] 8010-a2
[interface size] internal thread 20 mm (universal interface)
ABS engineering plastics
Led top spray is a popular technology electronic product nowadays.
The LED top spray is freely installed on the shower head, which is a convenient and practical product, good-looking, fun and practical.
● led top spray is a kind of high-tech photoelectric product that can make your life full of color, freely fill the outflow water column with crystal clear luster, your shower will become a dream world, sparkling, and make your life full of passion and color. It can make your monotonous bath colorful..
The power required for LED top spraying does not need additional batteries and power supply, and it is generated by water flow. The product is beautiful, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
The LED top spray realizes a dreamy effect through the built-in LED light in the shower, and also adds some practical functions. The power required by the LED does not need additional batteries and power supply. It is completely generated by water flow. Even if the light is not turned on in the shower room at night, it is very bright. Beautiful products, environmental protection and energy saving.
Material: the top spray shell adopts ABS electroplating and chromium plating, with super corrosion resistance, bright and lasting


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