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With clean symbols and effortless operation, our built-in hobis considerably easy to use.

The induction hob features sensor touch control and 4 auto hotplates with 9 cooking levels. The hob is made of heat-resistant glass, which boasts durability and safety. It contains 4 burners that can be used individually or simultaneously. What's more, our induction hob features a power boost button that will quickly raise the heat and boil a pan of water in around 90 seconds. The heat can also be raised or lowered instantly by adjusting the strength of the magnetic field, so a rapidly boiling pan can be reduced to a simmer in about two seconds. The flexible zone can be used not only as two different cooking zones, but also as a large one that allows you to use pan of any size.

With its automatic pan detection system, the burner only works when it detects a pan. The temperature is monitored by the built-in sensor, so the hob will be switched off automatically


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