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G21 wired usb illuminated keyboard and mouse set computer manipulator backlit keyboard and mouse set

Set model: G21

Type: Game Set

Computer connection: mouse wired, keyboard wired

Keyboard interface USB

Mouse interface USB

Working method

Optical resolution 1000dpi

Whether to support plug and play support

Is there a multimedia function key?

Whether to support ergonomics support

Features Support backlight

Applicable objects: home, office, games, notebooks

Line length 1.4 (m)

Product weight 0.8 (KG)

Brands : Chasing Light Leopard
Set Model : G21
Time To Market : 2019-05-01
Types Of : Game Set
And Computer Connection : Wired Mouse Wired Keyboard
Keyboard Interface : USB
Mouse Interface : USB
Way Of Working : Photoelectric
Optical Resolution : 1000dpi
Whether To Support Plug And Play : Stand By
Is There A Multimedia Function Keys : No
Whether To Support Ergonomics : Stand By
Characteristic : Support Backlight
Suitable : Home Office Gaming Notebook
Cable Length : 1.4 (m)
Product Weight : 0.8 (KG)
Whether To Support A Generation Of Fat : Stand By
Whether To Support Agent : Stand By
Invoice : It Does Not Provide An Invoice
After-sales Service : Shop Three Packs
Packing List : Set

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Set model: G21

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