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Main Features

Specification parameters

Opening size:
8.5 inch:1073 * 420 * 1176 mm,
10 inch:1083 * 420 * 1186 mm

8.5 inch:20-30 km
10 inch:30-40 km

Tire material: vacuum tire

Net weight: about 12.5 kg

Body material: aluminum magnesium alloy

Motor: 350 W brushless motor

Battery: 36V 5Ah / 6.5ah

Motor drive: front wheel drive

Climbing angle: 30 degrees

Charger: DC 42V / 2A

Folding mode: one key folding

Battery disassembly: self locking plug-in type

Waterproof grade: IP54

Charging time: 2-3 hours


Under the condition of full charge, 75 kg, 25 ° C, flat road and no wind environment, and the test results under the constant speed of 15 km / h under the energy-saving mode, the actual driving range will be different due to the load, temperature, road surface, operation habits and other factors


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