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["Electric Eye" Practice Cheats] Only the size of a fountain pen, with eye cream to massage the eye area, you can bid farewell to dark circles, eye bags, puffiness and fine lines, so that you will always keep the girly electric eye charm
[Cool Black Technology] 1. EMS micro current stimulates muscles to restore elasticity and tightens the eye area 2. 620nm band red light skin, deep into the bottom of the skin, anti-wrinkle skin rejuvenation
[Constant Heat Compress Therapy] Constant temperature heat treatment at 45°C can relieve eye fatigue and soreness, and sweep dark circles and bags under the eyes. At the same time, the eye cream essence can be quickly introduced to allow the skin to fully absorb nutrients and improve the fine lines and looseness of the eyes.
[Exclusive care mode] 1. You can choose between relaxation mode, beauty mode, EMS firming mode, how to use it as you want. 2. Three-level massage intensity, one-key adjustment, 9000 times/minute high-frequency vibration, choose your comfortable intensity to use
Humanized design] 1. Double-sided nursing head, metal surface hot compress, granular surface massage, you can choose to import or relax 2. The massage head imitates the rounded arc design of the fingertip, which is more suitable for the eye socket, easy to derive 3. Smart display, massage Modes are clear at a glance 4. A variety of care modes and intensity can be switched with one key, simple and portable
[Exquisite and delicate] 1. Antioxidant massage head is good for introducing smart ions 2. Water drop-shaped design, comfortable grip, giving you a delicate skin experience 3. Silver metal blends with white or light pink, simple appearance, more classic fashion
[Portable Travel] 1. It is only the size of a pen and can be easily traveled in a pocket 2. It can be used for USB charging, which can be used for several weeks on a single charge




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