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1.What's is the vertical mouse ? Do I need this kind of mouse ?
The vertical mouse is : ergonomic mouse Wireless
When the user is using the mouse, the palm is close to the desktop and the vertical state. Ordinary mouse in the course of the use of the user's arm is to move in the horizontal to control it, a long time to easily lead to fatigue of the arm, and even lead to serious parts of the arm joints, long-term use of ordinary mouse computer work May also be due to a small mouse and suffering from occupational diseases. We also call it Ergonomic mouse
If you also use the mouse for long time , you need a vertical mouse to relieve hand pressure , using vertical mouse will help to educe the pressure and pain caused by the mouse on the wrist

Size : L*W*H=about 148.85*94.82*98.93 mm
Material : ABS
Number of Button : 6
Response rate : 500 HZ
DPI : wired Blue light mouse : 600/1000/1600 ; wired RGB mouse : 800/1200/1600/2400/4000DPI ; Wireless mouse : 800/1000/600
Working Voltage : 5 V
Working Current : Less then 165 mA.
Length of wire : about 162cm

Attention :
1.For the Russian customers, please complete the order after the full name, or can not send the goods, Thank you for your cooperation
2.If the goods package was broken please reject and take photos send us
3.About Color : we take photos using Digital camera, some color of the cases will have some differences due to technical limited, hope you can understand
4.When you use the mouse please use mouse pad together
Package included : 1 X Delux M618 Plus Vertical Mouse ( "wired light blue mouse " , "wired RGB mouse" , "wireless mouse" , please choose correct one as you need)


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1 X Delux M618 Plus Vertical Mouse ( "wired light

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