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It takes time and it's troublesome to clean the house with traditional cleaning tools such as buckets, mops and brooms. Fortunately, we can replace steam cleaners with these tools. Multifunctional detergent includes five useful cleaning accessories, which can be used to clean small corners, floors, interior decoration, curtains, carpets, etc. In addition, there is an optional magic wand, which can easily clean large areas of floor. Why don't you take one home for a try?

– wand extension
Steam scrubbers can be either hand tools or vertical tools.
– Five enclosures
Five interchangeable heads are suitable for cleaning different objects.
The device uses steam to quickly dry, clean and disinfect different surfaces.
– Health and respect for the environment
The device does not need to use additional chemical cleaners to improve indoor air quality.

Potency: 1600 W
Steam temperature: more than 150 degrees Celsius
Boiler: aluminium alloy
Heating time: 20 seconds
Water tank: 230 ml
Power cord length: 4 m
Main materials: ABS+PC materials


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