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Main Features

Let your children fall in love with washing your hands


Blow magic, stretch out hands to foam, clean and hygienic, slender style

Fun Colors Engaged, Appearance

Inspired children's interest

Free of contact, Prevents cross-infection

Automatic touch-free foam dispenser, without pressing necessary.

4-5cm near-field induction, 0,25 s fast foaming, two-gear foam setting

Washing hands a fun activity

Less crying is more fun

Wash way 99% of germ

The added cover of foam soap helps keep her hands nice and clean

Safe anti-bacteria, food with peace of mind

Contains MI and other anti-bacterial key to effectively wash away bacteria

Quit Fixed Quantity Every Time, One Spray Pro Wash

Just the right amount of foam-not-too-little not too much

Increased blinds, easy to replace

Replace foam deficiency hand sanitizer

Two-stage foaming, perfect for mom and dad, too

Applicable to all brands foam hand sanitizer

This product is suitable for most foam hand disinfectants on the market.

If thick (e.g. emulsion) hand sanitizer is added accidentally, it can be mixed with 5-8 times the volume of purified water, but it can affect foam touch and product life.

Attention to detail, So Mom and Dad can relax

1,45-degree tilt foam dispenser keeps tube clean and released

2. precision silent engine and more comfortable use

Three. Indicator light keeps them informed of the use status

Product Parameter

Brand: Baseus

Name: Basus Minidinos Hand Washing Machine

Main material: ABS

Colour: pink, green

Work voltage: 6V

Operating current: 240MA

Rated power: 1,4 W

Sensing distance: 4-5cm

Net product weight: 220g

Power supply mode: matching 4 double ONE alkaline batteries


1. open the battery cover against the clockwise

2. install the battery correctly after the polarities [+/-] marked on the battery compartment

3. Align the unlocking mark on the battery cover with the cylindrical hole on the side wall of the machine, turn the battery cover to lock clockwise and alian with the cylindrical hole

4. remove the hand sanitizer straw from the accessories, place the washing machine suction hole.

5. pour hand sanitizer into the bottle

6. Align the hand sanitizer with the bottom of the machine and turn it against the clockwise until it is firm




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