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Main Features

Note: The default temperature range is [-20℃~20℃], but you can change it to [-25℃~20℃] by pressing the setting button.

1 year warranty

We provide 12 months warranty from the date of purchase, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, please include and attach as much of the following information as possible for smooth guidance.

(1) Order number; (2) Specific problem symptoms; (3) Photos or videos showing the symptoms
Outstanding cooling capacity

Fast cooling speed: Room temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius in only about 40 minutes (test results with the unit empty)
High performance compressor: Rapid cooling, high efficiency and energy saving.
Adopts high-density urethane with excellent heat insulation effect.

Temperature display and adjustment

-25°C to 20°C / -20°C to 20°C: Temperature range can be changed by pressing and holding the setting button (default setting: minimum -20°C)
LCD display: Real-time display of the temperature inside the chamber
Indicator light: Rapid mode (red); Energy saving mode (green)

Energy saving and high efficiency

Low power consumption of 45W: It is a compressor type and can save half of the electricity bill compared to the ordinary Peltier type of 70W-100W.
Operation automatically stops temporarily when the target temperature is reached, greatly reducing power consumption while increasing efficiency.
It can be switched to energy saving mode.

30L large capacity

Up to 42 bottles of 330mL drinks
Refrigerated freezer: 34*26.5*28.5cm; soy milk and milk cartons can be placed vertically
Ice making corner: 10*26.5*10.5cm; close to the compressor, the ice making speed is clearly fast

It's suitable for car and outdoor use.

Compatible with 24V and 12V vehicles
350cm DC cord included: deliver to the trunk
Compact: dimensions 58*34*37cm
Top opening type: easy to put things in and out
3-way power supply and protection function

3-way power supply: AC, DC, and portable power supply compatible
Low voltage protection function: automatically turns off when the voltage drops below the set value; prevents the car battery from running out

Low noise level: not noticeable
Space-saving and AC cord included: It takes up very little space and comes with a 185cm AC cord, so you can easily install it anywhere in your room.

Both sides have embedded handles: perfect for both hands
Ultra-lightweight: only 10.6kg, it is as light as an 18L refrigerator and about 5kg lighter than other 30L refrigerators.


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