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Main Features

Receive Local TV Channel

Koqit ATSC digital TV converter box converts over-the-air ATSC digital TV broadcast to your analog and digital TV, projector, and computer monitor. It supports up to 1080P

Record and Playback your favorite TV show

F01S Tuner allows you to record TV show in USB Drive / USB 2.5" / 3.5" external hard drive and play back on your TV or Computer.

Low speed USB flash drive is not recommended for recording function.

TV Tuner Function

F01S Tuner can be additional TV Tuner to your TV. If your TV does not have TV tuner, it can act as a receiver for over-the-air TV channel. If your TV already has a tuner, you can watch TV using existing tuner, and use this box to record another channel.

Easy Installation

You can connect F01S Tuner to your TV by either HDMI or Composite or Coaxial port.


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