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ANCEL FD500 ford obd2 scanner is a specific version design for Ford Group, including Ford, Lincoln, Mercury. A specific car makes series is born as more people have demand for DIY, one unit can fix more than you can expect.

⯌ Full System for Ford Lincoln: This ford scan tool is capable of reading and clearing trouble codes on all available systems, including Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, HVAC, 4WD, and MORE! It is a professional diagnostic scan tool specifically designed for Ford Group vehicle owners and repair shops.
⯌ Multiple Special Functions: ANCEL FD500 ford code reader contains the main special Functions for Ford Group Vehicles, including Throttle (KAM) and Oil Reset, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Maintenance Mode, Battery Registration. (It can help you register a newly replaced battery which has the same parameters, such as the original battery, same type plus same or big capacity battery as the original.)
OBD2 Functions For All Vehicles: This ford reset tool includes read and erase codes, I/M Readiness, read data stream, battery volts test, and vehicle information for all cars that have an obd2 16 pin socket.
⯌ Great Ford Compatibility: Compatible with most Ford Group vehicles (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) after 1996. Include Edge, Ecosport, Escort, F-150, F-250,F-350, F-650, F-750,MKC,Blackwood, Zephyr, MKZ, Montego, Milan, Cougar.If you are not sure whether it can work on your car, just feel free to contact us.
⯌ Life-Time Free Update: With the ANCEL FD500 Ford obd2 scanner, you can enjoy a one-year warranty and Life-Time Free software upgrade, ANCEL Team Tech-Support, replacement support, full refund support, Welcome contacting us.

OBD II Functions for all car makes after 1996:
⯎ Read and Erase Code
⯎ Battery Volts Test
⯎ Live Data Stream
⯎ I/M Readiness
⯎ Vehicle Information

All System Diagnostic Scan Tool for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury
⦁ Four Main System: As the most common Trouble Codes come from your Engine ABS SRS and Transmission, This Ford code read can help you fix this Main problem, always keep your car in healthy condition.
⦁ Headlight System: Diagnostic the condition of your headlight or called Headlamps, let you drive through dark tunnels, or low light parking garage without worry about the light will turn off Suddenly.
⦁ Audio System: Diagnostic your audio on your car, if with the problem, just fixed it so that you can enjoy better sound all the time.
⦁ Immobilizer System: With the help of the Immobilizer System, you can keep your car safe, secure, and prevent it from being stolen.
⦁ 4WD System: Help you monitor the condition of your Four-wheel drive (4WD) which is designed to send torque to all four of a vehicle's wheels to increase traction when needed.4WD might be the better choice for those who live in remote areas, need to work in extreme weather conditions, or enjoy off-road adventuring.
⦁ EKPS System: The electronic fuel pump control module (EKPS ) controls the fuel pump. EKPS module can fail to cause no start problem or cause issues under hard acceleration. Our Ancel FD500 Ford obd2 can help you erase the fault code.
⦁ HVAC System: Read and Erase any air-conditioning codes, Some issues relating to how the vehicle runs that could affect HVAC performance.
⦁ Window System: Help you to diagnose your window issue on your car and Protect your property from being stolen.
⛔ Notice: Each car model has different configurations, the system functions and special reset may vary. But Usually, your Ford will have more than 4 special functions.

Special Functions for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury
⬥ KAM (Throttle Adaption) Reset: The carbon deposits and impurities will affect the accuracy of the throttle if it has not been cleaned for a long time. And the air containing impurities may enter the combustion chamber and affect the normal operation of the engine. If you cleaned a throttle, remember to reset the codes, otherwise, the car computer memorized the opening when there are carbon deposits, and caused the engine unstable idling and excessively high speed.
⬥ Oil Reset: Check the oil at regular intervals, and have the car serviced regularly. After draining the oil out of the engine, our FD500 Diagnostic code reader scanner for a car can help you to reset the Oil service lamps on the instrument cluster. Furthermore, while changing your oil early might keep your vehicle’s parts fresh, which also good for the air.
⬥ EPB Maintenance Mode: Electrical Parking Brake is a technology that realizes parking brake by electronic control. If your parking brake fails, you need to fix the problem by Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement and move back calipers after servicing to the original position. Our FD500 scan tool can help you complete the repairs after replacing brake pads or servicing calipers.
⬥ BMS Reset: Battery Registration (BMS) function lets you register a new replacement battery that has the same parameters on your car,( such as the original battery, or same type with same or big capacity battery ), clear faults from the dashboard, and display current battery details of your Ford/ Lincoln/ Mercury after you replace your old car battery.

Supported Language:
​English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Denish, Norwegian


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