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•Professional CAT7 crimper tool: Perfect degsin for Crimps ethernet wire into CAT7 STP connector,Accurately crimping dies provided fast,efficient and reliable crimping capability. Extra a replaceable crimping dies offer an easy to maintain design so you can keep on going.
•One-step type crimping design:Put the RJ45 connector into Crimping dies and squeeze the handle through a complete ratcheting cycle, you can crimp connectors onto a wire and install the clip into cable at the same time.
•Adjustable star wheel:Adjust crimping height by turn the wheel to ensure the right amount of crimping force depending on the size of connector
•Self lock ratchet mechanism: High leverage and stable platform with self lock mechanism for efficient, safe and accurately terminations. A quick release lever allows to release the crimper jaws in any position
•1-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.Package:1×AMPCOM supreme Ethernet crimper tool, 1 × Replaceable diecast torque head.


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1* CAT7 Crimping Tool

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