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Main Features

Whether from material or functions, X8 will always be higher-end than other brands!
1.X8 has Dual Laser+SLAM Navigation& Eight-core Imported Chip, Which is more advanced than other LDS robot.
2. Unique Algorithm Program for X8, it will first determine the boundary of the room, then figure out the most efficient cleaning route.Other brand only work in AI Normal Path. Low coverage than X8.
3 .X8 has TOF wisdom sensor. Special sensor located in the bumper. It can quickly measure the distance to the target object. It will keep 10mm distance to wall and clean in straight path to improve quality of corner cleaning. Only avaiable in ABIR X8.
4. The bottom of X8 has big UV lamp. As long as the machine is working, it will automatically get rid of mites and bacterial at once.
5. Special wet mopping system in X8. When install water tank, it can do Y-shape simulated artificial mopping. It mops back and forth, wiping the floor better than any other machine. The mops are easy to change and washable. You will find 2 pieces at once in the set. The water tank has a special dust space .
6. X8 can save many maps on APP. it will create many floors plan. don't worry about the map of first floor will be cleared when robot is cleaning other floor. it can save at least 20 pcs maps
7. 360 degree full view scanning, Only 3-4 Seconds to get your rooms layout. X8 will design the best and most effficient cleaning path.
8. 360ml electric water tank and 600ml big dustbin. The water outlet speed and suction power can be precisely adjusted. 5000PA Suction power with low noise. Special fan motor with noise reduction technology which will not affect your life.
9. Innovative Y Shape Mopping Mode. X8 uses the creative floor cleaning method. It mops back and forth, wiping the floor better than any other machine.
10. Customized your cleaning plan as you want, you can set cleaning area , no-mopping area, and virtual wall on APP map. You can also choose different voice pack and adjust voice volume.


Battery Life

2 hours

Turbo brush




Dust box capacity (L)

0.6-1 L

Filter Type




Model Number


Voltage (V)






Bag Or Bagless



Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Power (W)


Remote Control


Dust Storage Type

Dust Box

Timing Reservation


Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Special Suction Nozzle

Multifunctional Combined Brush

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