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COOK MORE EVENLY: Organize your pouches across the rack to cook more food in your 11 litre sous vide container with complete water circulation around every pouch.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN: sous vide accessories can be used for storing, marinating, compressing, and cooking with most popular brands of 11L sous vide containers/bucket.

USER-FRIENDLY: An extended handle makes it easy to lift and remove the sous vide rack without touching hot water and the rack is also fully collapsible for convenient storage.

IMMERSION CIRCULATOR COMPATIBLE… with sturdy sides ready for mounting most sous vide cookers in the market

RETAIN HEAT and WATER VAPOR…Notched cover allows removal without moving circulator, minimum Water Evaporation, Cook long time even over night without having to refill water.

COOK LARGE MEALS QUICKLY… with a generous 11 liters capacity that easily fits whole chickens or roast cuts. Prep gourmet meals for the whole gang in one go.

FAST & STRESS-FREE CLEANING… Totally dishwasher safe. No more messy scrubbing or struggling with large containers in the sink. Throw it in the machine!

DROP DURABILITY… unlike glass, it’s shatter-resistant so you won’t be sweeping shards off your kitchen when you should be cooking a great meal.

HEATPROOF GUARANTEE… with polycarbonate material that withstands up to 100°C/210°F. Heat up as high as you need to slow-cook tender meats perfectly all the way through


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